Time Units

We've all encountered a "Duh" moment when we're working with time units.

Many time the problem is that we forget that there really aren't 100 seconds in a minute.

That would be the decimal trap.

For example, 4:17 as reflected on a time piece (a.k.a. stopwatch) does not equate to 4.17 minutes. If for some reason, decimals are preferred, like on the “bottom rung” of a value stream map’s lead time ladder, then 4:17 should be reflected as 4.3 minutes. Calculated as follows:

The Cycle Time Family

Cycle time often seems like a pretty simple concept.

Until one tries applying it in the real world.

Over the next few weeks and months, we'll explore, in detail, the math surrounding the various members of the cycle time family. Until then, the figure below may shed some light on the subject!


Benjamin Franklin said that, "Time is money."

We would be hard pressed to disagree.

Time is also a non-spatial continuum that is measured by change. But, that's another story. One that Dr. Mike, Physics Ph.D, can cover someday.

In any event, much of lean is about time and space. It's where we live and where we add value...or not.

Available Time

Available Time (Ta and Tar)

Available time (Ta), sometimes referred to as available working time or net available working time, is a fundamental lean concept. It would not be unreasonable to think this math entry would be very simple. However, there are more than a few important nuances.


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